About All-Clean!

In 1978, All-Clean! launched with a singular goal in mind, bringing together the best local home and commercial service brands from across the country so homeowners and business owners could focus on their family and not the upkeep of their home and/or business.  We are guided by the following principles:

  • Our services make an otherwise arduous task convenient and easy 
    Today’s homeowners and business owners lead full, active lives and seek convenience more than ever. Our services make it easy and convenient to take care of projects that many, if not most, homeowners consider time-consuming and laborious. Consumers value the convenience of having one company that can professionally and effectively perform necessary exterior cleaning and detailing without having to coordinate multiple service providers.
  • We provide services that many people don’t want to do or can’t do themselves
    Proper exterior cleaning and detailing is a necessary and inescapable task, and one that many homeowners and business owners don’t have the time, the physical capacity, the equipment or the desire to do themselves. Our services fill this important and universal need.
  • Commercial contracts represent an important part of your customer base
    The condition of the exterior of a commercial property plays a role in how a company is viewed by customers and prospective customers.  Commercial property developers/managers and retailers look to our services as an investment in their business’ reputation and in the protection and extended life of their property.
  • We help protect, preserve and prolong the life of our customers’ greatest asset
    Utilizing our services is a wise investment in the long-term protection of the single-largest purchase for most people, helping to preserve its value, prolong the life of exterior surfaces, and maintain attractive curb appeal …
  • • Window cleaning: Debris-free sills and tracks preserve the condition and life of the window structure, and clean, streak-free windows allow for optimum enjoyment and curb appeal.
  • • Soft washing and pressure washing
    Proper washing of roofs, siding, decks, driveways and walkways helps prevent deterioration and extends their life. More and more insurance companies are requiring such cleaning.
  • • Gutter inspection and cleaning
    Appropriate maintenance helps preserve gutter integrity and ensure proper functioning to avoid ice dams, water damage, and costly remedies.
  • • Dryer vent cleaning: Regular cleaning helps prevent fire risk, helps ensure maximum efficiency, lowers utility costs, and prolongs the life of the dryer.
  • • Holiday lighting installation: Professional lighting installation and holiday decorating beautifully showcase a home, help ensure a safe and secure end result, relieve homeowners’ stress, and free up their time to prepare for and enjoy this special time of year.
  • We have built a 40+-year reputation
    We have established deep community roots, a solid reputation, and customer loyalty and trust within those areas you’ve served for the past 40+ years.
  • 99% of our field technicians are employees
    With the exception of the occasional use of subcontractors for specialized applications, our field professionals are full-time, year-round employees, which gives us complete control over the quality of the work delivered, the training conducted, the equipment and products utilized, and the safety and performance standards to which they must adhere. This creates a unified team and ensures consistent quality from job to job and customer to customer, as well as one voice as they serve as our brand ambassadors.
  • Our field technicians are fully trained, insured and must pass background checks
    To deliver the best outcomes, our field technicians are fully trained on the most effective and efficient methods for service delivery, and benefit from best practices and cross-training from those in your higher volume markets. Field staff receive training on equipment and product usage, as well as precautionary measures to help ensure safe operations.

We have earned the Seal of Security & Confidence from a respected third-party vetting company The Seal. The Seal verifies company licensing and insurance, and conducts national criminal background and sex offender checks on all employees.

  • Our customer reviews and high rate of repeat business validate the exceptional customer experience
    Our customer reviews consistently highlight how courteous, conscientious, thorough, prompt, professional, friendly, efficient, respectful and reliable your field crew is. Our 75%+ rate of repeat business further validates your customers’ satisfaction.  Our quality work has earned the company top ratings with HomeAdvisor and the Better Business Bureau, as well as myriad five-star reviews and testimonials on Google and throughout our social media channels.

We are proud to employ over 200 people in eight metro areas across the country.

Rob Greenblatt
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]