Cleaning The Dryer Lint Trap Enough

Cleaning The Dryer Lint Trap Enough

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Every time you empty your clothes dryer, do you clean the lint trap out? Most of us know that is a must, but yet, there are many that don’t, and that is bad on the dryer. Did you know that the lint trap isn’t the only part where lint builds up from a dryer though? It is important to clean the dryer vent too. 

The silver hose thing that comes out the back of your dryer and blows hot air and lint outside needs cleaning too. Not every time you dry a load of clothes, but a regular dryer vent cleaning, once or twice a year, is preventive house maintenance. 

Most homeowners don’t give dryer vent cleaning much thought. But, making it a routine maintenance step around the house, like replacing smoke alarm batteries and changing air filters, is important. Just like the smoke alarm and the HVAC system, there are potential dangers and risks when you don’t have a clean dryer vent. This, too, can be a lifesaver for you and your family. 

What Could Happen If You Don’t Clean The Dryer Vent?


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Every year, there are injuries, even death, from fires that were started due to a clogged dryer vent. Cleaning the dryer vent can prevent that from happening and killing as many as 15,000 every year. A clothes dryer heats from the extremely high temperature they operate at, even if you have it set at the lowest setting, it still gets hot inside the workings of the dryer.

Just like unplugging your curling iron, hairdryer, or iron as a safety precaution, so is a clean dryer vent. This is as much a safety precaution and security measure, and when you consider that many times there are clothes left in a dryer, that gives the fire more kindling to ignite.

More to Clean Dryer Vent Than Fire Prevention

Not only can an unclean dryer vent be a fire risk, but it is also costing you money too! A clogged dryer vent causes the dryer to work harder and the harder it works, the more electric or gas energy it takes. That electric or gas energy is costing you.

If any socks or pieces of material get stuck in the dryer vent, cleaning it periodically will eliminate the breeding ground that creates for bacteria and mold which can make everyone sick. Another thing you should consider, a gas-powered clothes dryer will seep carbon monoxide into your home if it can’t get proper ventilation, setting your home up for dangerous consequences.

If the Lint Trap Is Catching Lint – How Is The Dryer Vent Getting Clogged?

That’s a fair question if you aren’t familiar with the workings of a clothes dryer. While the lint trap you empty each time may be full of lint, there are small particles of fabric that make their way to the dryer vent. Cleaning it on a proper regular schedule of twice a year will get those particles cleaned out and eliminate the possibilities we’ve mentioned here.

Dryer vent cleaning will remove the lint that is trapped in the dryer that builds up. Remember you’re putting the wet clothing in the dryer, and moisture breeds bacteria which grows mold. That moist air is exiting from your dryer into the vent hose, and those small lint particles are just sitting there inside the dryer vent, breeding more bacteria and mold.  

A question for you to ponder: If the lint trap doesn’t have very much lint after each drying session, where is the lint going? It is very unlikely that there isn’t ANY lint of some amount any size after each dryer run. After a month of using your clothes dryer, clean your dryer vent thoroughly. Then use it another month and clean the dryer vent thoroughly again. You’ll be surprised how much lint has built up in the vent during that month.

If you use your clothes dryer daily, which families with children often do, a thorough dryer vent cleaning three to four times a year.  Or do your own twice a year and have a professional do a cleaning once a year – it will be well worth the money.



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