Why Should We Concern About Having A Clean Dryer Vent?

Why Should We Concern About Having A Clean Dryer Vent?

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Why is dryer vent cleaning so important? Well, today, we have so many things that make our lives easier, things that create conveniences for our busy lifestyles. All the conveniences, except cleaning themselves. Our microwaves make meals easy. Our central heat and air make our homes conveniently comfortable. Our washing machines get our clothes conveniently cleaned and the clothes dryer gets them dry.

Yet, none of those things conveniently clean themselves. When we don’t microwave, we simply grumble at ourselves about covering what we’re heating up so that it doesn’t splatter. We do our best to clean or replace the HVAC filter in our central AC/Heat units, but what about that clean the dryer vent

Owning this modern marvelous convenience is wonderful, but if we don’t clean the dryer vents from time to time, we will regret it. See why:

Clothing Becomes Lint-Ridden and Moldy

We can empty the lint tray every time, and that is a good thing, but it isn’t enough. The clothes dryer vent, the tube that comes out the back and runs to the outside, can have an impact on the drying experience and quality you get. First thing you’ll notice it takes longer and longer for clothes to dry. Next, the vent gets backed-up with the accumulation of clothing lint that the lint trap didn’t catch. Hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning service can minimize, even eliminate this from happening.


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Premature Failure

A dryer vent that isn’t regularly cleaned places a strain that is unnecessary on the dryer. The electronics of the dryer will get hot because it is working harder to dry the clothes. When your clothes dryer works harder, it goes through parts like belts, bearings, and even the motor. A regular dryer vent cleaning will save you hundreds of dollars for repairs and replacement of the unit.

Utility Bills

When you don’t clean the dryer vent regularly, the dryer must work harder, and you’ll run clothes another cycle because they didn’t dry the first time. By conservative estimates, the average dryer uses .75 cents of electricity in the standard cycle. If you’re having to run another cycle, you’re costing yourself another .75 cents or more. A little time and money to have your dryer vent cleaned by a dryer vent cleaning service can save you $100 over a year, not to mention what you’re saving in emitting carbon emissions.

Unwanted Insects and Rodent

A clogged, dirty dryer vent is the perfect housing for insects, pests and rodents. Surprise? The lint that collects around and inside the outflow pipe creates a perfect environment for these unwanted critters, especially rodents. By keeping a clean dryer vent, it takes away the humid micro climate that surrounds the dryer, leaving them a breeding and nesting habitat, including ants and termites.

Fire Hazard

So if none of the stuff we’ve mentioned here alarmed you, hopefully this fact will: As many as 18,000 fires are started by dirty dryer vents annually. Those fires result in a dozen deaths and over 300 injuries. All that can be prevented by taking a few minutes twice a year to pull the dryer out and clean the vent.

The buildup of the lint alone can be a disaster in the wait, then anything like static electricity can spark and quickly, an inferno is started. Another fire hazard of a clogged dryer vent is the overworked dryer can blow a circuit and that can cause a fire. Having a professional dryer vent cleaning service can prevent these things from happening.

Keeping Your Dryer Problems Minimized

Dryer vent cleaning is the best and only way to prevent expenses and problems with your clothes dryer. Experts recommend that you have this professionally done once a year and for the handy homeowner, a DIY cleaning twice a year, maybe monthly if you do a lot of laundry.

The cost of a dryer vent cleaning service is minimal once a year when you consider the money that you’re spending on electricity each month, or the possible need to replace your dryer! The least expensive electric clothes dryer can cost $400 at the low end.


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