All Clean! Lights Up Michigan Holiday Lights


You already know that All-Clean! is a highly respected, well-known company for providing Fenton Michigan businesses and residents excellent window cleaning services. What you may not know about us is that we are the best service for installing Christmas lights in and around Fenton Michigan too!


Not only can we make your windows look bright and clean, but our team is experienced and equipped in holiday lighting service for Fenton businesses and homes too. We have the proper equipment and the best, newest in festive lights and products needed to make your Michigan holiday lights display the best.


We install a display of festive lights and décor on any size structure. From single-family and multi-unit homes to commercial properties, we do them all and at a price, you can’t beat anywhere else in Michigan. Holiday lights and window cleaning are our specialties. We have a detailed process for both jobs that will make your windows clear shiny as well as decorate your home or business with Christmas lights. Fenton Michigan is a beautiful city during the holidays, and we can make sure your home or business is a part of the festive lights with our holiday lighting service.


Fenton Michigan has a unique way to clean windows and a way of installing your installing Michigan holiday lights and décor with a certain flair that is unique to you. We have long been known as the experts in providing a professional window cleaning service. We are bringing that same level of expert service to installing Christmas lights in Fenton too!

Not All Michigan Holiday Lights Services Are Licensed and Insured



This time of the year, you’ll see companies all around town offering to hang your festive lights for a low price. Not all of them are licensed and insured though! All-Clean! is both licensed and insured in not only our window cleaning services but for Christmas lights in Fenton too!


When you call All-Clean! to hang and install your holiday lighting and decorations, you’re getting the best service, but a safe, reliable service!

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