Decorate Your Home For Special Occasions With Holiday Lighting in Fort Myers



All-Clean! is known in Ft Myers for providing the best window cleaning service already. Now, we are taking our unique style of service and offering holiday lighting service Fort Myers for both commercial and residential properties. When it comes to windows, we go beyond cleaning them to look their best this time of the year. Our experienced team is ready to start hanging Christmas lights in Florida!


We are ready to hang festive lights on single-family homes, multi-unit homes, and any size and type of commercial property windows. We have perfected a detailed process and offer unique designs we’ve created, or we’ll use your plans. Our Fort Myers holiday light service will bring the holiday beauty and cheer to any home or business at a reasonable rate that won’t put the “hum” in your “Ho HoHo”.


Experience and Unique Styles


Here at All-Clean!, we love to see Christmas lights all around Florida, and we are ready to take on the task that many homeowners dread and business owners don’t have time to do. With our holiday lighting service, Fort Myers residents and businesses can go about their day and not worry about hanging lights and installing decorations this year with All-Clean! just a phone call away.


We have taken our expert window cleaning services to a new level by installing holiday festive lights in windows all around Fort Myers and surrounding areas. From the simplest residential property to commercial properties like automotive dealerships, banks, retail stores, and office buildings, we provide an experienced and affordable holiday lighting service in Fort Myers.

All-Clean! Is Licensed and Insured


There are many different companies in Fort Myers offering holiday lighting service, but none will beat the unique service of All-Clean! and not all of them are licensed and insured. We are extending our efficient and thorough service of window cleaning to the holiday season by hanging festive lights and more.


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Call us today and schedule your Christmas lights appointment for your Florida business or home. Be the first in your neighborhood to light up the skies with the best and brightest festive lights this year! From POA entrances too the top of multi-story commercial buildings and everything in between, we are offering the best Fort Myers offering holiday lighting service.

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