How Does The Weather Impact My Holiday Light Installation

How Does The Weather Impact My Holiday Light Installation

We’re always asked how does the weather impact the schedule for Christmas lights installations? With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you shouldn’t be left fretting about this inconvenience. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the weather’s effect on your Christmas light installation:

We install your lights in any weather that we can, whether that be rain, sun or snow. The only time we will reschedule is if we feel that there’s a safety issue, such as if there is ice or heavy snow, or lightning in the area.  In that case, we will reschedule for a time that fits both fits our schedules. Our goal is to complete your Christmas light installation by Thanksgiving, or early December at the latest, so you can have the maximum amount of time to enjoy your Christmas lights.

After installation, if the weather causes any more issues with your lights, we will be out within 24 hours to get them fixed. Because you’re a valued customer, we won’t let any weather get in the way.



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