Best Holiday Lighting Service In Portland


All-Clean! is now offering our well-known and highly respected level of service to installing Christmas lights in and around Portland! We have a long-standing reputation for providing the best in window cleaning services in Portland, and now, holiday lights are one of our services for both commercial and residential properties. We will make your windows and exterior bright and cheerful with our unique designs in festive lights using the latest in equipment, products, and supplies.


From single-family homes to multi-unit homes of all sizes, All-Clean! holiday lighting service in Portland is the most affordable, dependable, and reputable that you’ll find. We have cleaned windows in and around the Portland, Oregon area, and our holiday lights will leave the same bright and shining windows now.


Let Us Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Home or Office!


All-Clean! provides a unique way of installing festive lights, including the brightest Christmas lights in the Portland area. From the exterior to the landscaping and the windows, we will use our unique style of holiday lighting service to brighten your Portland business or home at an affordable rate.


Our expert services in window cleaning are now extended to installing Portland area holiday lights that will make your business or home stand out above all the others. From automotive dealerships to retail stores and office buildings, we will install quality festive lights at affordable rates. We install and decorate single-story and high-rise office buildings with Christmas lights in and around the Portland metro area, including manufacturing plants.

We Are Fully Licensed and Insured and Affordable 


All-Clean! is licensed, insured, and affordable. There are several companies offering holiday lighting services in Portland, but none are as dependable and highly respected as we are at All-Clean! We are using our experience and unique process of window cleaning to providing Oregon with professional holiday lights on any size home or office, single-story or multi-story.


We provide our experienced services for installing your festive lights, using our design or your own, with the best and latest in quality equipment and supplies. Our holiday lighting service in Portland is of the same level of quality as our window cleaning services, and just as affordable!

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