All-Clean! Does The Best San Diego Holiday Lights


All-Clean! has a highly respected company when it comes to window cleaning services for commercial and residential properties in San Diego. Now, we are offering our unique style with holiday lighting service in San Diego. We make your windows look their absolute best year-round now from bright and clear in the spring to bright and festive lights during the holidays.


We will install your Christmas lights to be the best in California using the best and latest in equipment and supplies at an affordable rate. We have decorated single-family homes and multi-unit homes. We install San Diego holiday lights on every size commercial building, from auto dealerships to multi-story office buildings. All-Clean! has a detailed and unique process for getting windows clean and the best design of festive lights installed.


All-Clean! Has A Unique Style of Service


There are other window cleaning services and holiday lighting services in San Diego, but none have the unique style of service that All-Clean! does. Our window cleaning is done with precision that won’t harm your home or your landscaping. Our San Diego holiday lights are hung with the same precision, no detail too small. We will make your business or home stand out from all the others in your neighborhood.

All-Clean! Is Licensed, Insured, Respected, and Affordable


Our service to install Christmas lights in California is licensed and insured. We have worked hard to earn the respect our customers have given us. To make this even better, we are an affordable service that won’t bust your holiday budget too. We’ll give your business or home the best job bright and festive lights that you’ve ever had.


After The Holidays Are Over


Our experienced, professional service team will return to remove the decorations and lights we’ve installed, pack them away and take them with us. Not packing worries for you, no trips up the attic or down in the basement. While we’re there, ask about our window cleaning schedule and services too!

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