Black Stains On The Roof Can Lead To Bad News!


Those black stains on the roof of your home doesn’t necessarily mean that a new roof is in your immediate future. But if you don’t get it taken care of soon with San Diego roof cleaning services, you may! Those black streaks come from a Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae-like bacteria that thrive on the shingles of your roof. When left untouched, it begins to eat through the shingles, aging and rotting them, into and through the decking and more.


All-Clean! offers the best prices for high-quality San Diego roof cleaning services. Scheduling routine cleaning services with us twice a year will keep away unplanned and unwanted roof repair or worse, roof replacement. We offer a level of specialized roof cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties. With years of experience in this industry, there isn’t a roof size or style that we haven’t cleaned.


The Roof Protects Your Biggest Investment


Nobody understands the importance of a roof better than All-Clean! We appreciate what an expense a roof can be. We also know that it is an investment that protects your biggest investment. Scheduling a routine San Diego roof cleaning service with us will extend the life of your roof and make your home, or business, look better.

Our San Diego Roof CleaningBenefits


The advanced technique that All-Clean! uses of a low-pressure roof cleaning will provide your roof with the following benefits:  

  •         Avoid premature aging and rotting
  •         Minimize, even eliminate repairs or replacement
  •         Slash utility costs
  •         Increase your property value
  •         Improve curb appeal
  •         Keeps from spreading algae through the neighborhood


Don’t Wait Another Day!


Call us today and start your benefiting from All-Clean! customized low-pressure San Diego roof cleaning services. The longer you let those black stains sit there, the more damage your roof is getting.


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