Best Festive Lights In Seattle, Washington


All-Clean! offers a professional service for installing Christmas lights in Seattle, Washington area that is just as well-known and highly respected as our window cleaning services. Our holiday lighting service in Seattle is second to none and we are affordable too.


Our experienced team will make your windows look their absolute best with our precise and unique window cleaning services all year long. And during the holiday time, we are providing Seattle holiday lights installed at an affordable rate with the same precise and unique service. From every size of commercial and residential properties, we are installing Christmas lights all over Washington, giving each place we service a holiday look that won’t be forgotten.

All-Clean! Decorates All Shapes and Sizes


Seattle holiday lights make the season bright for any size single-family homes and multi-unit homes. We install the most festive lights on any size and type of commercial property, including auto dealerships, retails stores, and multi-story office buildings.


All-Clean! is unique with our window cleaning services and we have taken that unique way with our holiday lighting service for Seattle too. We use only the newest equipment and supplies, taking as much care and time as needed to get the job done right. We can make any business or residential property stand out with bright and festive lights from all the surrounding businesses or houses.


Affordable, Licensed, Insured, Trusted


We have earned the respect and trust of automotive dealerships and retail stores with our window cleaning service. Now, we extend that same holiday lighting service for Seattle businesses. Making the holidays bright and cheerful from every aspect we can is the goal of All-Clean! professional team. What makes All-Clean! better than all the others in Seattle with our holiday lights? We use only the best of equipment and supplies with our unique style.

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