Why You Need Professional Roof Cleaning Services


Even the roofs in rainy climates like Seattle’s need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Those black stains and strekas that form, which are called gleocapsa magma, make your roof look unsightly. They can even shorten the lifespan of your roof, which of course, is never a good thing. All of these are reasons why you need to hire a professional Seattle roof cleaning company.


The Rain Won’t Clean Your Roof


It’s commonly believed that rain washes every part of a house or similar structure clean. This isn’t true. Instead, it can actually make things worse, it feeds the bacteria that make up the moss and gleocapsa magma (also known as those pesky black streaks) that appears on your roof. If you don’t call in a professional cleaning service in Seattle to clean your roof, the bacteria can end up harming your shingles. It will continue to grow, and feed off of the materials in your roof, degrading it and taking years off the life of your roof.

Your Roof Needs to Match Your Home

Both the walls of your home and your roof need to match as far as cleanliness is concerned. If most of your home is sparkling clean, but the roof is covered in smudges, then it’s clear that you aren’t doing your due diligence. Instead, make sure that they are both in great shape by contacting a roof cleaning company.


Hire Professional Roof Cleaners


You should never attempt to clean your roof on your own. It’s very dangerous to get up there on a ladder, especially when you have to carry all of your cleaning tools with you. Instead, hire a professional cleaning service Seattle – All-Clean! We have the proper equipment to get the job done correctly and in a safe manner. Our SoftWash methods won’t damage any portion of your home or yard, leaving your garden in good shape.


If you’re ready to hire the best Seattle roof cleaning company, give us a call today.

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