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    It can sometimes be easy to look at your home on a nice sunny day and check off all the mental boxes – the grass is cut, the deck chairs are out, the BBQ grill is shiny and warming up for a cookout later in the afternoon – it looks great!  But what about those stormy days when you’re not outside and the rain is pouring down on your home – how well does your home hold up to the elements?


    When we think about the elements impacting our home, often times we think of infrequent extreme weather such as hurricanes or tornadoes.  The reality is that even small rainstorms can bear a huge risk if your home is not prepared.


    Think about this – the average home in the U.S. is about 2,700 sq. ft.  If that’s a one story home, 1” of rain will amount to over 1,600 gallons of water – that’s enough to fill 2 Toyota Camrys with some extra leftover!  Where is all of that water going? Hopefully into your gutters, down the downspouts and out and away from your home.


    But what if those gutters, tucked away out of sight and out of mind, have not been cleaned regularly and are full of leaves, sticks, and other debris?  Where does all of that water go? Overflowing gutters can spill into the soffit and eaves of your home – places that do not dry out on their own, meaning mold and mildew will likely follow soon after.  In extreme cases, water can even back up and flow down into the walls of your home creating an expensive mess!


    Once the water is off the roof, you’re still not out of the woods!  Water that pools up on the ground near the home, either runoff from overflowing gutters or because the downspouts don’t direct the water out and away from the home, can cause serious issues.  That water seeps into the ground and over time can cause cracks to form and penetrate the foundation of your home. You don’t need us to tell you that water leaking into your basement or foundation is a bad thing.


    Here at All-Clean! we obsess over our customers’ gutters.  We like to follow a simple, 3-step process:


    1. Inspect
    2. Clean
    3. Flush


    First, a visual inspection – we look for gutters that have separated from the home, disconnected downspouts, holes, uneven gutter lines and other structural issues that may impact the home.  From there we scoop the gutters clean of debris. If you have parts of gutters visible from an upper window, you may see some gray or black sediment in the bottom of your gutter after a cleaning – that is completely normal, it is merely the aggregate or granules from the roof and it will not impede flow or cause any issues with your gutters.  Lastly, once the gutters are visibly clean of debris, we flush them with water to ensure they are running smoothly and there are no hidden obstructions.


    Your gutters really are the last line of defense to protect your home against an invasion of rainwater.  And having your gutters cleaned regularly is the only way to ensure that line of defense stays strong. Get your free quote now to ensure your home defenses are strong.

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